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Got something new and lovely to launch online?

I’ve helped 100s of business owners launch their services, courses, and memberships online - it’s one of my favourite things to do. I love seeing the offer represented by a sizzlingly hot sales page, then getting creative with marketing content to get that sales page seen. I love the buzz of the sales. And I love being on hand to help my client through this nerve-wracking, yet exciting time.

If you’ve got something new to sell online over the next few weeks, investing a few minutes on this page can help you launch with a whoosh not a whimper.

On this page you’ll find:
🚀 A video covering lessons I’ve learned from 100s of launches
🚀 The only free guide to launching you’ll ever need - includes ideas for pre-launch hype, mid-launch marketing strategy and how to write your sales page.
🚀 Details on how you can work with me to get hands-on help with your launch.

Lessons In Launching - The tips, inspiration, and reassurance I’ve gleaned from 5 years+ supporting online launches

Resources Mentioned In The Video

♦ A little authentic FOMO on your sales page will help potential prospects convert. Here’s the right way to use scarcity and urgency.
♦ The mid-launch lull is a real thing. Here’s what causes it and how you can survive it.
♦ Read this before you launch and you may save yourself some heartache: 5 steps to take after an unsuccessful launch.