Marketing Gameplan

For people who sell their expertise online as 1-1 services, courses, group programmes, masterminds, memberships and more

Get your marketing shizzle together so you can spend less time faffing, prevaricating and second-guessing yourself, and more time executing the actions that’ll grow your business, audience and income.

❌ This is not for you if you like SMART goals, detailed project plans and rigorous analysis of data.

✔️ This is for you if:

…. you’ve mostly been winging it, and it kinda goes OK…

…but every now and then you freak out because you feel like you should have a plan written down somewhere…

…and you’d like to feel a bit more in control and as if you’ve got your shizzle together…

…and ideally, you could see that shizzle all in one place…

…and use that reference point to spur you on to actually do your marketing in a fairly consistent way.


This course will help you:

  • Untangle your head jumble
  • Make some important decisions
  • Stick to them for a pre-specified length of time (that you’ve chosen)
  • Monitor the results and respond….

…it’s a simpler approach to marketing strategy, and more flexible than creating detailed marketing plans.

The 5-Step Marketing Gameplan Building Process

Step 1 - Set your horizon

What’s your Marketing Gameplan going to help you achieve and when do you want to get there (based on actual real-life events that you care about, rather than totally arbitrary timeframes like 90 days, or 31st of March)?

Step 2 - Show me what you’re working with

Let’s take stock of the three most important assets you already have, that’ll help you create and deliver your Marketing Gameplan.

Step 3 - Designing your Money-Making Trilogy

Balance your marketing activities between these three goals, and you’ll set yourself up for a steady flow of leads, sales and income.

Step 4 - Setting your Marketing Foundations

8 core decisions that determine what marketing activities you’ll do and when you’ll do them.

Step 5 - Measures of reassurance

Choose what information you want to track and how often, so you can feel confident you actually really do have your marketing shit together, and it’s generating the income you need. And you’ll know what to do if the information points in the wrong direction.

Introducing your host

Hi, I’m Laura and I like to keep things simple….

I’m a marketing mentor and I’ve been helping online business owners with their launches, marketing and sales funnels for more than 8 years.

At the heart of all my courses, including this one, is this principle:

You already have the information you need to get whatever outcome it is you’re striving for. But you need help, the right questions, some frameworks for organising your thoughts to be able to get that information out and make use of it.

Nobody knows your business, your life, and your audience as well as you do.

I am not going to tell you what to do.

I am going to help you make some decisions, set some routines, and create yourself some guidance so that you will confidently know what you want to do when with your marketing.

Marketing Gameplan

Get your marketing shizzle together

Approx 60 minutes of video training - but in little chunks

Most videos are around 3-5 minutes log, some are 10.

They’ve all got captions - and I’ve checked the captions actually reflect what I’m saying.

I’ve added some text to the lessons to summarise what I’m saying.

You can download the slides and the transcript if you prefer to read than watch.

And there are action steps at the end of (most of) the lessons to make it easier to shift from passive content consumption to decision-making and doing.

Private Podcast Feed so you can listen from your phone

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