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Ultimate Website Content Planner, £27

Printable workbook for service-based businesses

Explain Yourself, £27

A less wanky alternative to the elevator pitch. Be ready to communicate the value of your business the next time the opportunity arises.

Copywriting Toolkit, £47

Collection of printable workbooks to help you plan and write your online marketing content and website copy (includes Ultimate Website Content Planner)

Copy Consult, £197

Wish it was easier to sell your 1-1 services, course, programme or membership? Actionable ideas to improve your website/sales funnel - or your money back.

Irresistible Offers, £197

Create offers so compelling they almost sell themselves

Copywriting Power-Ups, £197

A step-by-step course to help you add personality and persuasiveness to your text after you’ve written the first draft.

Copy Mentoring, £197

60-minute Voxer chat for copywriters (or anyone who wants to start selling copywriting services to their clients)

Virtual Day With Laura, £447

The ultimate done-together experience. Let’s team up to write the copy for your launch, sales funnel, website, or email marketing

£100,000 a year in 20 hour per week?

I wondered how much money I could make in just 20 hours per week, and now I’m blogging my Income and Hours reports each month