Welcome to Worditude HQ!

Thanks so much for watching my FEA Masterclass (which was literally a dream come true to do!!!).

I’ve gathered together a few of my most helpful free things plus an offer for something that is both bargainous and extremely useful.

But first…..would you make me a promise? When you’ve written some copy following the steps in my masterclass, post it to the Members Club Facebook group and tag me in? I would love to read what you’ve created and hear if/how you found the class helpful.

Useful Thing #1: Get The Weekly Swipe

5 minutes of free copywriting tuition for business-builders, every week

Analysing amazing copy is one of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade your own writing skills. But who has time to wade through a squi-jillion emails, social media posts and web pages every week to find the best examples of online content….oh that’ll be me.

Sign-up for the Weekly Swipe and every week I’ll drop you a link to a super-speedy value-packed, insight-filled analysis of a piece of copy I’m crushing on.

Useful Thing #2: Write Your Website

12 days of copy-coaching for expertise-based businesses - Payment plan available for Jan 2021

In just 2 weeks you’ll have your key website pages filled with your own personality-packed, powerfully persuasive copy to turn interested visitors into paying clients.

This is for you if your business is based around selling your expertise through 1-1 services, group programmes, courses, memberships, or any combination of those things


You want to tutorials and workbooks to guide you as you write your content PLUS get hands-on feedback from professional copywriters.


You want to improve your copywriting skills so you can write personality-packed, conversion-focused content any time you need to.

Useful Thing #3: Website content in need of a makeover?

This is for you if you’d like:

  • A Website Copy Essentials Checklist so you can see if your current content is up-to-scratch, and you’ll know what to include in your re-write.
  • Links to my most helpful web-copy-related blog posts.
  • A list of the ways I can help you write the words for your website.

Useful Thing #4: Got a lovely new thing to launch?

This is for you if you’d like:

  • A Launch Checklist so you can see all the little pieces of the puzzle you need to have in place for a successful launch. 
  • Links to my most helpful launch related blog posts.
  • A list of the ways I can help you launch your new offer.

Useful Thing #5: Not sure what to write for your online audience

This is for you if you’d like:

  • A Year’s Supply of Content Ideas workbook - use these ideas on your blog or social media (works for emails, podcasts and vlogs too).
  • Links to my most helpful content marketing related blog posts.
  • A list of the ways I can help you consistently create engaging marketing content.