First Date Offer

Create bite-size 1-1 experiences that lead to lucrative long-term relationships

A self-study course for people who sell 1-1 services, group programs, and masterminds

It’s like the Power Hour and the Discovery Call got together and spawned a third option that took on their best value-giving, money-making, and lead-generating qualities.

Hello there, I’m Laura.

I’m a marketing mentor for people who sell their expertise online as 1-1 services, courses, memberships, and group programs.

I accidentally invented a First Date Offer that helped me sell spots on my marketing mentoring program.

Then I gave a presentation about it during an online summit.

And the crowd went wild.

I got messages from 60+ people who loved the idea of creating a First Date Offer in their business.

So I’ve created this short course.

Here’s what’s inside

  • How I accidentally created my original First Date Offer
  • What did and didn’t work about that
  • How I re-invented it
  • How I decided the price
  • What I have and haven’t loved about my First Date Offers
  • Four pitfalls you should avoid

Design Your First Date Offer workbook

10 questions to help design your First Date Offer (I clearly didn’t put a lot of effort into naming that workbook)

Q&A Library

Questions I’ve had (and recorded answers for) so far:

  • What tech/software do you use to sell and deliver this?
  • Where do you market it? Is it just to your email list?
  • Should you wait to have an engaged community to start with it?
  • How do you set boundaries and expectations?
  • What prep do you do beforehand?
  • How do you make sure the client shows up ready and prepared?
  • Why isn’t it available all the time?
  • How do you follow up or upsell from here?
  • What needs to go on the sales page?
  • Should I do these for free?
  • Do these replace Discovery Calls?
  • How does this work when the solution I offer is time-sensitive (wedding planner, doula)?
  • How do you manage the waitlist for this offer, and for your mentoring? Do you send them anything special besides regular emails?
  • How far in advance do you open up the slots? And how many slots do you open? Over what booking window?
  • Can you use this offer to upsell things other than 1-1 services (like courses, group programs or masterminds)?


Kind Words So Far


What I most liked is that you include ‘head space’ and energy in your business design… I think what scares me most about getting more clients is getting burnt out and it’s such a relief and inspiration to see that you can create a profitable business which works for you as a human. Love that!


I loved it!

I specially appreciate that you not only explained your strategy but also gave specific tips on how to build our own offer while pointing out the things you would do differently.

Thank you Laura!


Loved your graphics and how clear and focused your presentation was. I especially loved how you said interaction is inspiration for you as I feel that way too. It inspired me to consider how else I can help meet my clients’ needs.

I really appreciated how you walked through each step, but moreover, you discussed what didn’t work and/or what you’d do differently. Those honest insights were gold and they were helpful to hear.

This presentation was jam packed with takeaways and ideas for my own business. It was so refreshing to hear someone say that the low price does not reflect the value of the offer (in a world where high ticket offers are pitched as the only way) and how this strategy has worked in another business.

Inspiring (and actionable) stuff!

Loved this offering. I offer 1:1 services in my business and have been looking for new inspiration to attract clients that are a perfect fit. Your class gave me a lot of great inspiration to achieve just that. Thank you so much!


I thought it was AWESOME, like everything you do! Seriously, I think you’ve stumbled onto a genius idea and I can’t wait to try it out myself. You explained it really clearly and thoroughly and I can see where the strategy could slot into my business. Thank you so much!


I LOVE this idea! Less overwhelming than jumping into full-on coaching and more meaningful and personalized than courses or digital products. I’m an introvert, so I connect best one to one, and this seems like a stress-free way for people to get to know me. Can’t wait to start offering it!


LOVE! Just watched it twice. Here’s what I love about Laura and Worditude. She makes it possible. After watching First Date Offer, I am not only inspired, I feel confident that I can just follow in her steps (and save a TON of time). Laura really does have marketing super powers. PS- I so so so recommend the 3-month mentorship with Laura… it’s MAGIC.


This was amazing! So many ideas sparked in my mind and you made it all so easy to understand. I definitely saw how this is incredible for creating more connection with your audience & how to make sure you both gain something out of it. And this is 100% a great way to use for market research as well, thank you!


I LOVE LOVE LOVED the first date offers presentation and the workbook.

I had been going round in circles trying to create something like this and was stuck on

1. giving myself permission to just voxer only (goodbye zoom been nice knowing you!)
2. how to create something valuable but bite-sized that wasn’t a discovery call
3. when and how to make them available

This helped me to work this out and also gave me some extra helpful reminders about remembering to upsell after, testimonials and making them more focused than my other longer or longer-term offers.

Thank you so much this was literally just the right training and just the right time ❤️


Laura’s Pledge

The feedback from past students has made me so confident in the value of this course, I’m offering a 30-day no-quibble money-back guarantee. If you complete the course and don’t feel like the insights you’ve gained are worth the investment you made, email me at and I’ll give you a full refund (and revoke access to the course).


I already watched your Low Ticket Live presentation - what’s different?

There’s a lesson on the tech/services I use to sell and deliver the offer - I had to cut that from the original Summit presentation to keep within the time limit - so you haven’t seen that. And all of the Q&A section.