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Make It An Easier Yes

Want to know the 7 elements you need to nail to make your offer an easier yes for your potential clients?

In this free training you’ll find out:

What an ‘offer’ is and isn’t - this will instantly change the way you think about what you sell

The 7 elements of your offer you need to get right, to make selling so much easier

What ‘Nailed It’ looks like for each of those 7 elements

Have we (virtually) met before?

Hi, I’m Laura, a copywriter (and copywriting mentor).

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I help business owners sell their expertise online as 1-1 services, courses, programmes, packages and memberships (coaches, consultants, website designers nutritionists, social media managers, photographers, even other copywriters….. I’m talking to you).

One of the first things I do with my copywriting clients is make sure the offer we’re creating the sales page for is already an easy yes for potential buyers (I know….it is kinda cheating).

In this free training (borrowed from my Irresistible Offers course) I’ll walk you through the 7 essential elements / aspects / facets of any offer, and what each one looks like when they are at their most deliciously attractive.

Does that sound good to you?