Copy Consult from Laura

Actionable ideas to win more sales and clients from your website or sales funnel — or your money back

If your business is based on selling your expertise as 1-1 services, courses, programmes, memberships or other digital products - I can help you convert more clients.

How my feedback can help you make more sales

I’m looking at your website or sales funnel from the perspective of your potential clients.

Is it easy for them to understand where to go, what you sell, to take thenext step towards buying from you?

I’m looking for anything and everything that introduces frictionand confusion.

And I’ll give you feedback and ideas so you can make your website or sales funnel super-slick, so it effortlessly converts mildly interested persons into paying clients.

It’s not about plug-ins or page speed.

And, alas, there aren’t any magic copywriting words that will brainwash your audience and guarantee you sales.

I’ll give you actionable ideas and feedback on the way you present your offers, and the sales journey you are inviting your prospects on.

“I asked (begged) Laura to help me out with a sales page I was struggling with. I knew what I wanted to say but my gut check told me I was missing something. She spotted the problem within two minutes and fixed it in a flash. It has been the best money I have spent this year. I now try to book her to review every page I write before it goes to the client because there is always something that she can see that takes the copy to another level.”

Gemma Boak

Here’s how your copy consult works

You can rent my eyeballs, expert conversion-focussed brain, and 18+ years of business and marketing experience - for 60 minutes (and you don’t even need to be there).

1 - Complete the checkout process, and you’ll be sent an email with instructions on how to get your copy reviewed.

2 - Send me your files, links, and answers to my questions. My questionnaire will squeeze all the info I need out of you.

3 - I’ll check I’ve got all the info I need, then add your Copy Consult to my pile.

4 - I’ll get back to you with a video tour of your content explaining what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to change. The video is usually 10-20 minutes long. The rest of the time is spent on researching and planning the coherent thoughts I want to share in that video. Nobody wants a 60-minute video that’s 40% made up of my thinking face - it’s not a good look.

You choose which week you want your Copy Consult completed - they’re usually done on Thursdays.

“I honestly can’t thank you enough for this. The things you have highlighted and suggested are so insightful and helpful. Definitely lots of actionable advice - I can’t wait to make the changes.”

Gretta Ford

This is for you if:

You want expert eyes to check your website is as friction-free and conversion-friendly as possible for your users.

You’re about to launch something and want me to check you’re saying the right things at the right time to your audience - especially important if you’re going to spend money on Facebook Ads.

You’ve got data that indicates something’s not working - like high numbers of visitors to a sales page, but no conversions, or a drop-off in open rate part way through an email sequence.


⭐ My eyes on your copy for 60-minutes (this isn’t done during a Zoom call - you don’t need to be there, I work best solo)

⭐ Video screenshare report of what’s likely to be impacting your conversion and suggestions of what to change so you can make more sales

Valuable Feedback Guaranteed

If you don’t feel I’ve delivered feedback that is more valuable than your investment, I’ll give you a refund.

“I’m in love with the feedback, direction, and incredible value you packed into this video, Laura.”

Jon Phillips

Website Designer at