Copy Consult - Worditude

Copy Consult - £350

Need a copywriting expert to give your website copy or sales funnel the once over?

Get my undivided attention on your online content for a couple of hours to revamp your website copy, review your marketing content, polish up your sales funnel - wherever you need me to make your copy clearer and more effective.

When to hire me

When you’re ready to launch and you want to check the sales funnel (especially useful if you’re spending money on Facebook ads)

Your sales funnel has been live for a while and isn’t performing as well as you’d like

Your website is getting traffic but that’s not resulting in subscribers/conversions

You’re getting new subscribers but they don’t convert to paying customers

What I’m looking for

The things that will cost you sales: Friction, confusion, doubt. Any time the reader has to double-back and re-read a section, or (the horror) leave your page to research something on Google.

Ways to make more sales: Momentum, confidence, credibility. I’ll flag opportunities to make the page easier to read, bring in social proof, build trust.

I’m looking at how the copy and the visuals work together.  The reader experience of each page, and journeying between the content (eg from email to sales page, to follow-up email). The structure of the page. The ways I can make your copy clearer, flow better, be more persuasive.

What happens:

We have a 20-minute Kick-Off Call so I can get to know you, your business, your target customers AND you can tell me more about the copy, its goal and what’s actually happening right now.


I spend two-hours reviewing the copy (this can be website copy, sales pages, email sequences …we’ll agree the priorities in our kick-off call).


I get back to you with a report (written and a video) on what’s great, what’s not, what needs to change (and how), plus any segments of copy I’ve re-worded for you.

“I was struggling to work out my customer journey. Laura made it all really clear. She broke it down for me in a way that has helped me not only on my website but my social and email scheduling”

Elizabeth Lusty,

How to get started

  1. Tell me more about your business, and the copy conundrum you need help with using the ‘get in touch’ button.
  2. Look out for an email from me over the next 24-hours, subject line Your Worditude Copy Consult.
  3. Book your 20-minute kick-off call using the calendar link in the email.
  4. Pay the invoice.
  5. Attend the call.
  6. Wait for your report!
  7. If you’ve got questions, we can have a follow-up call.

“I had a draft sales page I had designed and written myself, and was looking for a sales copy expert to take a critical look and provide some suggestions to tweak the content. I was really pleased with the outcome! Most of the suggestions were simple and easy to implement and were only minor changes, which meant I didn’t need to re-do the complete page and funnel.”

James Meads, Live Work Germany