Conversion Crushers Upgrade - The Video Course

Upgrade to The Conversion Crushers Video Course and get:

Instant access to five videos walking you through examples of each of the sales-sabotaging mistakes you need to look out for.
Ink-friendly printable checklist to use as an instant conversion quick-fix.
Bonus: Access to my clients-only Facebook group, The Worditude Alliance


£7? Is it rubbish?

No. It’s foundational. Whenever you want more sales you should start with these 5 things. Before you pay for ads, or a coach or even before you buy anything else from me. Start here. The super low price helps pay the admin and hosting costs of having the course platform while making it affordable for every small business owner (because that’s who I know needs it).

Worditude 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you complete the course and don’t feel that the wisdom within will help you make more than £7 back in:

- Increased sales
- Time and effort saved in marketing
- Money saved on ad spend…

then simply email me at to let me know, and I’ll refund your money.

“Conversion Crushers helped me whiz through my current sales funnel and identify the bits that need some work. The course (change the word ‘course’ for whatever word you want to call it) is super quick to work through and gives you straight to the point tips on where you can make improvements that will quickly unblock your funnel so the sales can come through.”

Nicky Merrick, Pink Giraffe