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A Sales Funnel Review

Here’s what you need to know:

Accessing the course materials

An email is hurtling towards your inbox right this very second (OK, in a few seconds when the MailerLite server releases it) with your access info, but if you’re super-eager all you need to do is go to to my course platform here and use your email address to log-in AND use it again as the password. That’s the email address you just made the purchase with.

It might take a minute or two for all the systems to chat with each other and sort your access out, so while you’re waiting…

Requesting your sales funnel review

You have 6 weeks from your date of purchase to request your Sales Funnel Review.

You’ll find details on how to do that in the access email arriving shortly.

You’ll get the best value from the review if you tackle the two courses and make any changes you’re inspired to make, and then ask me to look at your sales funnel.

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