The Celebration System, £7

Make the most of client wins when they don’t show up as a neatly packaged testimonial

A self-study course for online business owners who want to get more comfortable using their client success stories in their marketing (without feeling like a boastalicious braggart)

Your client tells you about a tiny triumph they feel you’re (at least partly) responsible for.

After an initial moment of elation, confusion sets in - what are you supposed to do now?

Sure, you know how to handle a neatly packaged testimonial - copy and paste that sucker all over the place.

But what do you do with success stories that don’t tidily squish into a single sound bite?


Let me help you with that.

Hello there, I’m Laura.

I’m a marketing mentor for people who run their online businesses around a whole bunch of Life Stuff.

Last week a business friend messaged me because they’d had a fabulous day, they wanted to share it, and they knew the people in their real-life wouldn’t get it.

And then they asked ‘what do I do with this?’.

Which got me thinking: How do we turn a successful client meeting, a thank you card, and an enthusiastic Facebook message into marketing material that will generate more sales?

Because I am crap at this too.

I try.

But my efforts are sporadic at best. 

It’s not that I don’t know what to do.

It’s that I haven’t yet made it a habit to publicly celebrate client success 

So I created The Celebration System.

And I tested it out on some willing volunteers.

Now I’m creating this this course.

Coming soon inside The Celebration System course…

A 5 step process you can deploy anytime a client shows up with positive feedback, a little win, or an epic success story

Behind the scenes video of my Evidence of Awesomeness folder and how I use it

Examples of marketing content based on client success stories

Bonus - Tell Me About It

Things you can do NOW to encourage clients to share their wins with you later

Bonus: The Worditude Alliance

Join my client-only Facebook group

The Celebration System



I’m selling it now, even though you won’t get access until 30th July.

There’s no discount because it’s £7…and I can’t bring myself to offer a discount on a £7 course.

There’s really no solid reason to buy now…

…Except you really want it, and if you click away without buying you might possibly forget about it, and never buy it, and in three months’ time a client will send you a message thanking you for helping them achieve this thing, and you’ll think ‘oh this is great,I should use this in my marketing somehow… should I do that…wasn’t there a course that could help me with that…..ohhhh dang I never bought it’. And you won’t remember what it’s called, and you won’t be able to find it on the vast expanse of the Internet.

Future You will thank Summer 2023 You for buying this now.


Access from 30th July

  • Approx 60-minute video training
  • With auto-generated captions
  • Complete recording on Hello Audio so you can listen from your phone


Coming late Summer


  • Training split into shorter lessons
  • Lessons added to Hello Audio private podcast feed
  • Captions checked to make sure they’re accurate