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Today is International Friendship Day and the start of World Breastfeeding Week. Next Sunday it’s World Cat Day. And 2016 is the International Year of Pulses (I’m not kidding). I’ve also noticed a lot of activity with medals on the TV, so I’m guessing there’s something sporty going on too.

The calendar is teeming with events and celebrations. We can’t (and shouldn’t) write about them all, but we can certainly use them for inspiration.

Initially, I set about writing a rolling 12-month plan that incorporated all the annual things-that-were-happening. But then I was simultaneously struck by three thoughts of equal importance:
1. This was a very boring task.
2. This level of planning is my default form of procrastination.
3. I want a coffee and a chocolate hobnob right now.

So instead of creating a minutely detailed editorial calendar, I have made one small, but important change to my monthly routine.

On the first working day of every month my diary now says ‘Check for events + celebrations this month to inspire blog posts’.

Want to try it out? Here’s some links to love and treasure:

* Wikipedia 2016 in sports
* Awareness Days
* International Days observed by the United Nations
* Festivals and holidays observed in the UK

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I’d love to see your calendar-inspired blog posts in the comments.



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