60-min 1-1 via Voxer With Laura

For anyone who wants to borrow my copywriting, marketing, business, life wisdom

Would you like 60-minutes, 1-1 with me, to ask my anything you want?

Reasons you might want to chat with me:

  • You’re a business owner who wants help writing copy that gets attention, creates connections, and generates sales.
  • You want to ask about how I’ve built my business, fit it around my life, create and launch courses, create and sell services.
  • You’re a copywriter (or want to be) and want to ask about getting started, finding and working with clients, developing writing skills, growing your copywriting business.

This 60-minute 1-1 is a brand new invention, and I’m very open to your ideas. If you want to check that your idea of how to use it is OK with me, click on the chat box in the bottom right.

How it works:

1) You book a 60-minute time window in my calendar using the button below.

2) You’ll be redirected to a checkout page where you can complete your purchase.

3) Connect with me via voice-messaging app Voxer

4) During our 60-minute chat, you’ll get my full focus. You can use the time to ask me anything you want (so long as it’s not too personal….if you wouldn’t ask me the question in front of my mother, then the question is probably too personal to ask).

Voxer - what it is, why I’m using it, and an invitation to chat

Voxer is a free-to-use voice-messaging app. It’s like using the voice message feature on Facebook Messenger, but without the one-minute limit.

In my experience, providing support via Voxer:

  • Improves the quality of support as we both have time for reflection, thought and inspiration before replying to messages
  • Is less energetically draining because we aren’t talking over each other, looking at a screen, trapped in our chairs. I definitely think better when I pace, or when stroking a cat, so I’m likely to be touring the house while chatting with you.
  • It’s easier for you to make an action plan while we talk. You can take notes, listen to messages over again, ask me to clarify things. The pace is slower but the insight is deeper.

Not sure getting support via Voxer is going to work for you?

Want to try chatting with me via Voxer before committing to a 60-minute chat?

Then let’s talk.

You can download the Voxer app to your phone, or set up an account at voxer.com

My username is worditude - and my profile shows a photo of me.

Come on over and say hello.


1) Pick a date and time for your 60-min 1-1 with Laura

2) You’ll be redirected to a checkout page to complete your purchase

3) Please make the payment within 24 hours to secure your date


What can I ask Laura?

Honestly, pretty much anything you want.

I started out as an odd-jobbing freelancer earning around £10-£15 an hour (although the lowest-paying gig worked out at £2 per hour 😲). Now I earn £995+ for a sales page, and have worked on multiple £10k launches. I’ve worked with 100s of clients, delivered training in other people’s masterminds and memberships (including Enterprise Nation and Female Entrepreneur Association), and I have my own successful courses. I can also help you figure out what training to invest in, and how to improve your own copywriting skills.

I’ve created this offer because I get approached about once a week from people who want me to coach or mentor them, and I just don’t think a big ticket programme is what they need, or what I want to deliver.

What if I need to change my date?

No worries, life happens. Please try to give me as much notice as possible, and at least 24 hours. Email me at laura@worditude.co.uk to discuss your options.

Is this like a Zoom call?

I feel that chatting via Voxer brings me the best of Zoom with none of the downside.

It enables me to connect and communicate with you no matter where you are in the world.

But there’s no screen fatigue, we’re not chained to our desks, we can both attend to the inevitable interruptions of home life, we’re not able to talk over the top of each other, you can play messages back instantly… I just love it.

During my first 60-min 1-1 I found myself pacing the floor and realised how much better I think when I’m moving!

As my first mentee was sending a message with multiple questions one stacked after the other, I could tune out, start thinking about the answer to the first question, knowing that I could go back and relisten to the message so I could grab the other questions.

If you’re not sure if it’s for you, download the app and come and send me a message - my username is worditude