Let’s work on your business together

There’s a whole lot of digital copywriting and content marketing goodness stuffed inside my brain, and I want to share it with you.

Using my skills to help other brave business builders is what I love to do.

There are three ways we can work together:

You need words for your website. But all you’ve got is a blank screen and a headache. I can create:
♥ An About Page that connects you with your target audience.
♥ A Sales Page that successfully showcases what you offer.
♥ A Lead Magnet And Nurture Sequence that gently woos new prospects.
♥ Complete Website Makeovers - get fresh web copy throughout your website, that weaves together and carries the visitor on a journey from complete stranger to paid-up superfan.
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Access to your very own tame digital copywriter and content marketing strategist PLUS an ever-growing, and already bountiful library of training materials and workbooks to help you turn strangers into superfans using the words on your website. If you want to create your own web copy and online marketing content, but need the guiding hand, feedback and encouragement of someone who knows her apples, you’re gonna love it here.
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Sales page not converting? Opt-in not being opted into? Emails not being read? Whatever content marketing woe is furrowing your brow, I can help you soothe those frown lines. Just one hour with my brain is enough to unstick the stickiest of wordie-content-connection conundrum.
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