By popular demand, I’ve added one-hour consults to my list of services.

Seems like there’s an orderly queue of people wanting to borrow my brain cells for a while, and I guess it would be rude of me to keep all my content marketing insight to myself.

Examples of how you can use my time:
♥ Review of your online content and how it is serving your business. What’s your customer’s experience like? Is there a coherent journey from complete stranger to paid-up superfan? What steps are missing? Need some ideas for filling in the gaps? Building your list? Fostering engagement? Nurturing the relationship? Making the sale? Are there enough question marks in this bullet point?

♥ 1-1 content planning. We’ll discuss the best content mediums to reach your target audience (blog, email, lead magnets, webinars, guest spots etc) and create a plan that i) gets you in front of more eyeballs, builds rapport, creates customer relationships and leverages your fan base AND ii) is based on a realistic routine that you can implement in your working schedule (so no, you won’t need to blog 10 times a week, or spend every waking moment on Facebook).

♥ 1-1 problem zapping. Got a sales page that won’t convert, a launch to plan, a service that’s flopping, blog posts unread, or a teeny tiny mailing list? Whatever your marketing woes, the first step towards solving it is sharing with someone who cares - that’s me.

If any part of this journey (in the picture down there) isn’t working for you - I can help

Pop your name, email address and SOS message in the contact form below, and I’ll get back to you with a few questions so we can plan the best way forward.

An hour of my brain power is £155 (that’s around $195 depending on conversion rates on the day) and includes:

♦ Kick-off questionnaire so I can get to know your business better + you can communicate your intentions for the hour.
♦ One hour of my time working solo or on a video chat call - or a combo of the two.
♦ One week window for follow-up questions via email.

***Genuine Scarcity Warning: To protect my cerebral matter from overexertion, I’m limiting myself to two 1-1 consultations per week.***

Special rates and priority scheduling available to Worditude Club Members.

I need your name, email address, and the reason you need to borrow my brain.

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