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I know that content marketing can help you turn strangers into superfans and secure a steady flow of customers for your business. I know this because it is how I grew my copywriting business to a weekly income of £1,000, and I’ve used the same techniques to help my clients grow their businesses too.

But before you can woo your new customers using the power of fabulous online content, you need to accept these four fundamental truths:

#1 Your target audience needs to know you exist

Before your people can fall in love with you, they must first discover you. The chances of an ideal customer accidentally stumbling upon you over the vast expanse of the Internet is very slim indeed. About eleventy billion to one. But the good news is, there are things you can do to tip the odds in your favour. The more content you have published online, the more likely it is your people will connect with you.

Things That Will Help With This:
* Content Marketing For Solopreneurs
* Year's Supply Of Blog Post Ideas
* One Monthly Habit To Generate 100s Of Blog Post Ideas
* Complete Guide To Blogging For Solopreneurs
* Essential Ingredients For Your Minimum Viable Website

#2 Your target audience need to know you are a credible expert

You know that terrifying, overly critical voice inside your head that sounds a lot like your headteacher from 20 years ago, that voice that says ‘who the heck are you to be giving this advice'? I’ve got bad news for you. It’s not just in your head. It’s what your target audience are saying to themselves whenever they come across your online content. Your audience are smart, savvy, and switched on (of course they are, that’s why you want to work with them). So before they swallow advice hook, line and sinker, they check out the credibility of the source. They literally ask ‘who the heck are you?’ And you want their conclusion to be ‘a credible, knowledgeable expert’.

Things That Will Help With This:
* Struggling To Toot Your Own Horn? - and Proof Of Awesomeness printable below
* My Not So Secret Sales Page Structure
* Put Your Glittering Testimonials Right Up In Your…

#3 They need to know you are a friendly, approachable human

Being an expert isn’t enough. To being building your customer relationships you must be seen as a friendly approachable human being. But still an expert. You’re aiming for the perfect balance between flawed, fallible, friendly human being AND credible, knowledgeable expert. Should be easy enough, right?

Things That Will Help With This:
* Please Don't We On Your Website
* Are You Being Too Real For Your Audience?
* Putting Your Personality Online

#4 You’re going to need to deal with a shed-load of mindset issues to do this

Money issues, self-worth issues, I-need-to-do-everything-myself issues, I-am-not-enough issues, who-the-heck-am-I issues. Should I sound corporate or should I sound relaxed? Should I reveal personal info, or should I stay professional? Should I really be emailing my list a regular newsletter? Why would anyone want to read what I’ve written?
When you’re building your own business and marketing yourself, this stuff is going to come up over and over again.

Things That Will Help With This:
* When Your Home Improvements Give You Business Lessons
* I Pay Someone To Kick My Butt
* I Gained A Membership Site And Nearly Lost My Mind

If you need any help please email me at laura@worditude.co.uk, or drop come over to the Worditude Facebook page.

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