Get Terrific Testimonials For Your Website

I am so proud of that testimonial, I couldn’t resist sharing it. But I’m not (only) here to boast. I want to help you get testimonials from clients that do your work justice. Incorporating the words of previous clients is an important part of writing your...

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Make Money Writing Online Using Freelance Websites

There’s usually an audible sharp intake of breath when I suggest that freelance job board websites were a stepping stone in my quest to make money writing online. I know they have a terrible reputation. But I think, used correctly, they can be a great way to start...

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Guide To Free Online Copywriting Courses

Want to improve your copywriting skills so that you can create kick-ass content for your website, blog & social media? Or maybe you’re starting out as a freelance copywriter? You’re in the right place. And no I’m not trying to sell you anything. Before you...

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Female Entrepreneur Week – What’s It All About

Well, this is freaking exciting. I’ve been invited to be one of the FEW Crew - a group of six successful business women, who are hosting an online festival to celebrate and support female entrepreneurs. What Is Female Entrepreneur Week Firstly, let me say that...

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I don’t recognise the woman who hid these shoes.

Magnificent aren’t they? Actually, scrap that, I’m telling you I think they are magnificent. And that’s an important distinction. These are a pair of Nike Air 6.0 mid-tops circa 2010 in mint condition. They are in mint condition because for 6 years I...

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Email Marketing For Beginners And Small Business Owners

Most of the people who land on your website aren’t ready to buy yet. Maybe they’ve seen a Facebook ad, or bumped into you in an online group, read a guest post. However they found a link to your site, they’re here, checking you out, deciding if you’re their kind of person.

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The Wonderful World Of Worditude: Behind The Scenes

I’ve had plenty of compliments about my site, and a few enquiries about how I run the show here. Thanks, I’m flattered. To save myself time I thought it would be easier to put all my resources and services in one place. I’m not saying these will be right for your...

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Beginner’s Guide To Content Marketing For Small Businesses

How would you like a steady flow of prospects, so eager to work with you that you never need to have a sales conversation again?

With the right content marketing strategy, you can make your ideal client come to you, so you can spend less time marketing your business, and more time doing the work you love.

Want to know more? Stick with me and I’ll walk you through how this works and what you need to do next.

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