Email Marketing For Beginners And Small Business Owners

Most of the people who land on your website aren’t ready to buy yet. Maybe they’ve seen a Facebook ad, or bumped into you in an online group, read a guest post. However they found a link to your site, they’re here, checking you out, deciding if you’re their kind of person.

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The Wonderful World Of Worditude: Behind The Scenes

I’ve had plenty of compliments about my site, and a few enquiries about how I run the show here. Thanks, I’m flattered. To save myself time I thought it would be easier to put all my resources and services in one place. I’m not saying these will be right for your...

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Beginner’s Guide To Content Marketing For Small Businesses

How would you like a steady flow of prospects, so eager to work with you that you never need to have a sales conversation again?

With the right content marketing strategy, you can make your ideal client come to you, so you can spend less time marketing your business, and more time doing the work you love.

Want to know more? Stick with me and I’ll walk you through how this works and what you need to do next.

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Struggling To Toot Your Own Horn?

How do I make myself sound amazing on my About page without being a big-headed… Click To Tweet Tooting your own horn, ringing your own bell, broadcasting your own awesomeness - well it’s a bit awkward isn’t it? This recurring nightmare for entrepreneurs...

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Get Your Marketing Emails Into The Primary Gmail Folder

You’ve finally got around to emailing your list. You’ve taken the time and energy to write something helpful and valuable. But do you know where all your hard work ended up? Most personal email providers screen incoming emails and sort them into folders...

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My Not-So-Secret Sales Page Template For Small Businesses

Sales pages are easier if you start with a template. Here, use mine.… Click To Tweet Sales pages are scary dudes to tackle anyway, but if all you’ve got is a fresh white screen and a quiet desperation to sell your stuff, the task becomes even more terrifying....

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I Gained A Membership Site, And Nearly Lost My Mind

I’m a member of a few online clubs and programmes. Oh boy, did the people that run them make it look easy. So I thought, ‘yep, that’s the life for me’. If you are in that heady phase of contemplating setting up your own membership site, first...

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Ever Wondered What An Affiliate Link Was?

This is probably the shortest guide to affiliate marketing every written - I just want to cover the basics so when I write ‘affiliate link’ next to a link, you know what I mean. Sometimes when I link to a book or product I love, I use an affiliate link. This means...

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What If It’s All Been A Massive Waste Of Time?

“What if it’s all been a complete waste of time? What if I’ve worked this hard, turned down money from freelance gigs, sacrificed weekends with my children, worked until stupid o’clock at night….what if I’ve done all this, and...

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