Hunting down customers one at a time is frustrating and energy zapping.

I can show you an easier way to secure a steady stream of paying clients.

I help small businesses use the words on their website to connect with new people, then convert them into customers.

You need more than a slick sales page to attract new customers. You need to create a complete customer journey, a sequence of content that transforms complete strangers into committed fans eager to work with you.

Freelance Writers

Do you want to earn a living by writing website copy and blog posts?

Frustrated by ads for get-rich-quick schemes and high-priced copywriting courses?

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Get more clients using your website - FREE Guide

A kick-ass sales page isn’t enough to secure a steady stream of paying clients. In this FREE guide I show you how to attract the attention of strangers, nurture your relationship with them online, convert them into paying clients, and leverage that relationship so they become superfans who help you grow your business.

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Small Business Owners

Wish the words on your website would connect with the same power as an in-person conversation?

Tired of working on your blog and web copy without getting any measurable benefits?

Need help creating website and blog content that sounds like you AND converts visitors into customers.

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Generate A Year’s Supply Of Blog Post Ideas In Under An Hour

“Wow! Wow! Wow!

Your blog post generation thingy is amazing!!!

I’ve been so scared of starting my blog as I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to come up with enough things to blog about. But here is a picture of my completed sheets with OVER a year’s worth of blog post ideas….arghhh! I can’t believe it! And it wasn’t even that difficult with your prompts!”
~ Tracy Hooper

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