As a copywriter, working one-to-one with small businesses, I discovered a simple truth:
Hunting down customers one at a time, is a heckofa slow, frustrating and energy zapping way to grow a business.

And while I was busy working with one customer, I was doing nadda to attract new ones. As soon as a project was over, I had nothing new lined up, and I was back to chasing around, acting busy, trying to hustle up my next gig.

The feast and famine cycle was exhausting, stressful, and not at all what I had in mind when I chose to become my own boss.

I wanted to create a steady stream of prospects, so I could spend less time scrabbling around trying to generate interest, and more time doing the work I loved.

So I learned how to use the power of the Internet to attract an audience and woo them until they loved me so much they wanted to give me money (the grown-up phrase for this is ‘content marketing strategy’).

Like this.

And soon enough, I had a fabulous flow of copywriting projects.

But I also attracted another audience. A tribe of small business owners who didn’t want me to write their copy - they wanted to learn how to do it themselves. They wanted to know how to use their website to connect with a bigger audience and win over more customers (that content marketing strategy thing I mentioned earlier).

So I started The Worditude Club - home to copywriting and content marketing workbooks, tutorials, feedback and advice.

If you’d like your website to work harder for your business, start by assessing how good a job it’s doing right now using the quiz below, and then follow the FREE advice in the FREE and yet helpful + valuable guide you’ll be emailed afterwards.

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